We are very excited to announce that QEP Marketing Clinic are extending our service and value to our clients by accelerating product development through applying learning from Emotional Taste Research Taste Signature to concrete product development guidance via protocept creation and evaluation. – See short Summary of our new system below

The aim is to help apply our consumer research insight from projects to improve the development speed and quality of product improvement / development, by working with in – client teams including through our own ex -Kraft team member sensory and consumer scientist , Lori Rothman, using guidelines and workshops

Value Delivered

– Assist in the interpretation of Emotional Taste research findings to full product development
– Improve quality of product formulation to meet identified consumer preferences
– Improve speed of development to market
– Help in team ‘buy in’ across all functions

TSAP Methodology

Assist and accelerate product formulation development through:

– Communication of details of the Taste Signature and Taste Brief
– Development assistance through the following steps:
– External stimuli identification
– Protocept creation and evaluation
– Finished candidate samples
– Final product validation
– Use on site workshops – pre- designed profiles – and on –call via e –mail / phone etc. for 3 to 6 months minimum